Travels with Muggins

John Steinbeck wrote a wonderful book called Travels with Charley
where he set out to rediscover America with the help of his poodle. Our standard poodle is an excellent traveller and she loves to go places.

We happily shared the back seat of our X-5 last weekend, she enjoyed watching me work on my art journal when there wasn't something better to see out the window.

As anyone in DC knows most of the city seems to be heading down Route 50 and over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Friday afternoons in the summer and if you're are late returning home on Sunday afternoon you'll find yourself contemplating the ugly side of Easton for miles in bumper to bumper traffic. I'm not sure I'd want to do it every weekend, but a couple of time a summer it seems well worthwhile especially if I don't have to be the driver. I am happy to cross the bridge and find a pot of crabs along with the beauty of the Eastern Shore.

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