Eye Candy overload at the Blogging for Bliss Party

Yesterday was so much fun meeting so many bloggers at the Blogging for Bliss party.
I have always been too shy to really leave comments and interact, thinking somehow I don't really know enough about blogging, or somehow my blog isn't a "real" blog -just me fooling around. I am not sure why but I decided it really is time to fully plunge into the blog pool and not just dunk in my little toe. I am still working my way through the party list and hugely enjoying all the eye candy and all the amazing creativity that abounds, it is awesome and humbling and so inspirational! My copy of Blogging for Bliss arrives tomorrow from Amazon, and being me I can never just stop at one book, I am also getting An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration from the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory and Image Transfer Workshop: Mixed-Media Techniques for Successful Transfers by Darlene McElroy.
This should be lots of inspiration for my artwork and my blog! We are going down to the beach on Friday and I'm excited I'll have some fabulous reading.

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certifiedpaperfreak said...

i was reading your post for today and laughing because i feel exactly the same way. i feel like i have just dipped my toe into the blogging pool. i had a blast with this and i'm glad that Kari did this. i'm also working my through the list and i know it will take me a few days. it just means that the fun continues.
i'd be interested in knowing what you think about the Image Transfer Workshop book.
have fun at the beach.