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Michael DeMeng's Crusted Crumbled & Cracked Class

I signed up for Michael's online class to get me out of my art is blast and I am just getting started...
prepping some stuff to try Kroma Crackle

Using Michael's secret quick method - mine turned out with a large crackle pattern -
but I am ok with it -I am playing and experimenting
a still wet application of Kroma Crackle using their method and waiting for it to dry
(can take up to three days if you put it on thick)

the beginnings of a triptych
the center inside is made with regular Kroma Crackle application
it turned out with a much finer crackle

another project from ages ago that I pulled back out to try to finish up
using some of the new techniques I am learning plus I finally have a "vision"
of how I want to finish it (thanks to lots of DeMeng inspiration)

trying out Aves Apoxie Clay because my vision includes some fish and
I hate the plastic ones I found -so trying to create my own

Christmas gifts 2011

Re-done portrait
the original circa 1969

Black gesso goes down 1st to remove the scary little house on the prairie dress

a new dress and daughters added

enjoying the finished product
a bling-a-licious frame for my bling loving god-daughter