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Doodler's Anonymous "Hack an Ad" contest entry;
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Michael DeMeng's Crusted Crumbled & Cracked Class

I signed up for Michael's online class to get me out of my art is blast and I am just getting started...
prepping some stuff to try Kroma Crackle

Using Michael's secret quick method - mine turned out with a large crackle pattern -
but I am ok with it -I am playing and experimenting
a still wet application of Kroma Crackle using their method and waiting for it to dry
(can take up to three days if you put it on thick)

the beginnings of a triptych
the center inside is made with regular Kroma Crackle application
it turned out with a much finer crackle

another project from ages ago that I pulled back out to try to finish up
using some of the new techniques I am learning plus I finally have a "vision"
of how I want to finish it (thanks to lots of DeMeng inspiration)

trying out Aves Apoxie Clay because my vision includes some fish and
I hate the plastic ones I found -so trying to create my own

Christmas gifts 2011

Re-done portrait
the original circa 1969

Black gesso goes down 1st to remove the scary little house on the prairie dress

a new dress and daughters added

enjoying the finished product
a bling-a-licious frame for my bling loving god-daughter

The Sketchbook Project part 2

When you sign up for the Sketchbook Project you have to choose one of their themes for your book. I forget what the all the choices were -but I chose "Create & Capture" - it seemed right up my alley. You are allowed to interpret the theme as you wish - I thought it would well with the collage I have been doing.
As a fairly dyslexic person I usually go about stuff backwards so I have been capturing images I like from magazines and creating collages with them and then adding doodles and words to make them my own....
Here are some pages I started for the book:

The Sketch Book Project part 1

This fall I signed up for The Sketchbook Project - my book arrived in the mail and last weekend I took a little "me" time and started working on it. I thought I would document it's progress.
The fun package arrived from Art House Coop in Brooklyn

They sent me a notebook to work some magic on and information  & rules for the project

so the first thing I did was rip it all apart -
but carefully saved  the bar code to reapply to the finished cover
to identify it as mine 

I selected handmade papers for the outside and inside of the cover

I decided on the look of an old book -this paper looks like distressed leather

I can't live with out Best Test spray adhesive! 

For the inside of the cover I used a beautiful piece of marbleized paper
I've been saving to for ages and it was perfect for this project. 
I cut it carefully to size so I didn't waste any of it...

Here it is with both papers applied over the original cardboard cover
but I thought it still needed "something"
it needed a spine -for this I used a piece of "suede" paper in  dark blue  - I wrote on it with a metallic pen. The title is "Create & Capture" the theme I selected for my project

after creating the spine, I decided it also needed corners -so I sewed the suede paper on  my sewing machine 

I wanted to also create a frontispiece for the front cover so I took a metal file label frame and pounded it flat  
I then worked on antiquing it...

I took an old piece of journal paper and stamped the title to fit in the frame

I then glued all the embellishments to the cover and was pleased with the results...



2011 went by in a blur...there is never enough time...
Perhaps in 2012
I'll do more art work
Blog more
Take more photos
Be more creative

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