Mixed Media Art Challenge

I joined a fun scavenger hunt over at
Mixed Media Art on Ning
You had to find some things for
yourself, send some things to someone else
and a third person would send things to you.
The things to send and receive were buttons, fiber and paper. Jean sent me hand made enameled buttons, hand dyed ribbon and some very cool resin treated paper and a photo image. She sent a beautiful flower, but I ended up using a mermaid...
I had to find for myself:
Something from nature (shell, wood, botanica, etc.)
Something rusty
Something wire (a piece of rusty copper wire, chicken wire, barbed wire)
Something made of glass
Out of all this came my mermaid assemblage...


Happy October to all

Well it's a marvelous night for a Moondance
'neath the cover of October skies...

The weather has turned brisk and crisp, October always reminds me of this song...
I was so excited when I got an email yesterday to get pre-sale tickets to see Van Morrison at the Meyerhoff in Baltimore on October 27th.
I was online right at 10AM this morning and all the $82 tickets were already gone - there were only $122 seats -so with tax and fees it would have been $576 for four of us to attend -I had to pass... now I feel sad and disappointed but fiscally responsible.
Somedays I hate being a grown-up!
I'm consoling myself listening to Astral Weeks...

Beautiful photo by