4 23 09 journal page

back to some color and using some found "inchies" another art fad I fell prey to...

a page a day this one was 4/22

One more grey page... next on to some color. I am so happy that am enjoying my Moleskine again and trying to do a little something everyday rather than feel like I have to wait until I get a big block of time to do art -because that rarely happens. This page was inspired -OK mostly copied - from a page done in Pam Carricker's Shades of Grey Class by Gill McCowan


shades of grey pix

page pix


I always start journals and then put them down, then months or years later "find" them again. I seem to be doing the same thing with my blog. I recently signed up for an online art journal class called Shades of Grey with Pam Carricker Rather than start a new Moleskine I dug out one I started in an art journal class with my friend Lesley Whalley. Yet another project I had put down and now pick up. Here are some pictures of journal pages I did in her class and some new fresh ones from my Shades of Grey class.