conquering the "I wants"

I want:
*to not worry about the mortgage
(exchange "mortgage" with any other bill)
* to just pick up and travel
*quit my job and pursue art
*go out to dinner when I want
*one in every color
*a house by the sea

"An object in possession seldom retains the same charm that it had in pursuit" ~Pliny the Younger

" Possessions are usually diminished by possession"~ Nietzsche

I am blessed to have:
* a loving family
* a comfortable home
* a good job
* wonderful friends
* faith and reason to discern that "I want" can be destructive


Maria Killam said...

I love this post! And especially those quotes. Your orchid header is beautiful!

willow said...

Wise words. I love your orchids, too! Thanks for stopping by Willow Manor. :)