The Evaporation of Summer

How is it August 14th already? My summer is evaporating rapidly. The radio is full of ads for back to school sales - they always make me want to go and buy new crayons, pens and pencils.

In a strange and bittersweet twist as August ends so does my time as "the mother of a student". Greg is finishing at University of Maryland at the end of the month. Since he's been living at home I haven't completely disassociated with this persona of mine. Even though he's grown up and independent, it has been a part of my mental identity that it's time to shed...

I know I will find new and different things to color my world this fall. This weekend I plan to be a student myself, I am determined to re-master Photoshop! I haven't used it in years and found that I have forgotten most of what I used to know how to was on our old home computer and I just never use that one. It's now installed on my laptop and I dug out my Photoshop Elements for Dummies book and even downloaded some new brushes of grunge frames to try out. Here's to a digital visual weekend.

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