A few weeks ago I attended an art retreat called Art & Soul in Hampton Virginia. I was blessed with five blissful days of art making, inspiration, learning and many kindred spirits. I have been struggling to find the impetus and time to make art. This week sent me home fired up to create. It is still hard on days I work, but on the weekends it's back in the forefront of my life.

Even during the week ideas are percolating and I am always trying to look with an artist's eye and heart.

One of the classes I took at Art & Soul was with a very talented artist Jane Wynn her class was called " Dangerous Surfaces". It opened up a whole new world for me, of working with metal, paint with metal in it (not just "metallic") and patinas. I have been having such fun experimenting.

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Lesley Whalley said...

Oh wow Kathleen, this is beautiful!
You rock woman!